GCTU Hosts 2nd Anhalt Alumni Networking event

From left: Anand Jayakrishnan, Prof Markus Holz, Prof .Cornelia Scott, Marek Munstermann, Christiane Naumann, Dr. Stefan Stumpp

The second edition of the Anhalt Alumni networking event was held on Thursday, 28th November, 2019 at the Eva Von Hirsch Auditorium. Attended by a delegation from Anhalt University, who flew from Germany specifically for the programme, the event brought together both former and current students of the International Trade MBA Programme that has been collaboratively run between GTUC and Anhalt University since 2013.

The Anhalt delegation consisted of the MBA Program Director, Prof. Cornelia Scott as well as her team in the persons of Christiane Naumann, Dr. Stefan Stumpp, Mr. Marek Munstermann, Prof. Markus Holz and Anand Jayakrishnan. The main focus of the event was centered on the delivery of two tailor-made lectures, the first of which was themed, “Digital Brand Touch-points to Improve Customer Experience”, and emphasized the importance of digitization in terms creating an almost ideal experience for customers.

He pointed to the fact that phones and other mobile or portable devices have changed the shape of business and affect everything we do from a consumer experience point of view, particularly with the ease of access to information amongst others.

Anhalt Alumni

The second lecture focused on “The challenges of the digital world” and took a look at how the landscape of business has invariably changed and that in order to keep up with the demands of an almost exclusively digital world, organizations needed to be in tune with the developments in this regard. Specifically, he highlighted the impact of Block-chain technology, particularly in terms of retail and alluded to how his company, Symrise AG, was using artificial intelligence in the process of fragrance creation. Despite the reliance on technology however, he admitted that it was impossible for human input to be completely replaced by technology and that essentially, it was meant to lend support and improve human functions.

Overall, the event proved to be a success and gave students a unique opportunity to interact with staff from their alma mater, Anhalt University. The Anhalt team also communicated their optimism for the future of the program, and hinted at the enhancement of the collaboration in the near future. We look forward to having them with us again soon for an even bigger and better event.

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